Polanka Production Plant was opened in January 2022. It is a modern production facility with a warehouse and administrative-office part. In it, we produce natural chews for dogs and cats. Our treats are made from the highest quality raw materials sourced from trusted and proven sources. The HACCP system has been implemented in the plant and all quality and safety rules are observed. A large warehouse is being built next to the plant and will be completed by the end of 2023. Production capacity in Polanka currently reaches 200 tons per month, but the potential of this plant is much greater and our target is 400 tons per month of finished product.


In Dąbie Production Plant, we will be producing wet pet food for dogs and cats. The factory will offer high-quality pet food, for the production of which the most modern technologies and machines will be used. The entire production process will be fully automated. The pet food will be made based on proven, as well as innovative formulas created by the best specialists in the pet food field. The production capacities will be 3 thousand tons per month. The plant is scheduled to open in early 2025.