In Promenade Pet Care we are pet-o-cetrics and one of leading players on Europen pet food market. We focus on pet food production that combines newest trends, technology-driven business and dedication to our furry friends by delivering them quality food and treats.

Promenade Pet Care Group, formed in January 2023, brings together our companies with almost 10 years of experience, showcasing our commitment to growth and innovation. Our core business revolves around the production and sale of pet food, with subsidary Petmex Company and the e-commerce subsidary one stop pet store Hubun playing pivotal roles in our operations.

We are present in nearly 30 markets worldwide and more than 80% of our portfolio is delivered abroad. We offer over 150 private labels exported worldwide. We have also created 5 unique brands such as Peppy Dog, Champer, and Litty Kitty, as well as modern trade channel brands Bontari and Yummy&Funny.

We want to contribute to a better world for all those involved in the pet industry by inventing, manufacutring and delivering highly functional animal feed.

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The Promenade Pet Care Group is made up of manufacturing subsidary Petmex Company and our e-commerce subsidary Hubun (B2C one stop pet store). More than 80% of our portfolio is delivered abroad.

Production plants


Principle that drives our business is closed in 3 words: flavor, digestibility and health, as our furry friends don’t fall for claims and flashy designs. They simply eat what’s tasty and makes them feel good.



From family butcher shop to first steps in business - what remained unused in the production of meat products for human, we turned into delicious natural dried treats for dogs. And so, Petmex Company was born.


Taking over of majority shares by Krzysztof Napora.


Introducing online pet store to the market - the main distributor of the Petmex brand in Poland.


Opening of a new, larger production facility with a warehouse (total: 4000 sq m).


Creating a holding group Promenade Pet Care, which consists of the companies Petmex and Hubun.


Acquisition of building title for Wet Food Plant


Our commitment extends beyond mere nutrition; we aim to enrich the lives of pets worldwide, ensuring they are happy, healthy, and well-cared for.
Promenade Pet Care is committed to becoming the IKEA of the pet food industry blending innovation with accessibility.
Our vision is to lead in the European market by developing innovative products and creative solutions, enhancing the lives of pets and their owners alike. Our mission revolves around two strategic pillars: fostering creativity and addressing the needs of our customers and partners. By striving for business excellence, we aim to increase our company's potential and value, improving the world for pets and their humans. Through continuous innovation and the pursuit of exceptional solutions, we are dedicated to making pets happier and healthier, thereby offering peace of mind and satisfaction to their caretakers.