YOUR BRAND is our offer to customers who want to create their own brand in the pet industry. Thanks to many years of experience, we know how to build the success of our partners based on the highest quality products, proven solutions and a flexible approach to cooperation.

We offer private label services in the following product categories:
- wet food for dogs and cats
- natural dog chews
- momoprotein meaty strips 
- monoprotein training cubes
- silicate and bentonite cat litters



CHAMPER - is a brand aimed at pet owners who understand that a true relationship with a pet is one of love and devotion. By feeding your Pet with Champer products, the owner not only provides him with the best nutrients, but is also a champion of love and fun together.

Champer Pet Care Formula has been enriched with a health-promoting phytobiotic formula that makes caring for your pet's well-being even easier. 

- IMMUNO formula - supports the digestive system 
- COAT&SKIN formula - supports skin and coat condition
- BONES&JOINTS formula - supports healthy bones and joints


PEPPY DOG is a brand that combines traditional production methods with a modern approach to animal welfare. Our mission is to create strong and emotional bonds between humans and PETS  emphasizing the humanization of dogs and their role in people's lives.

Dogs have interacted with humans, sharing hardships and joys with them for hundreds of years. So we believe that they are not just pets, but true family members. Peppy Dog chews reflect this deep connection between humans and their canine companions.

Our products are the fruits of a rich tradition of European agriculture, where respect for the land and natural production processes shape high quality food. Our production is based on traditional drying methods, so we are able to provide your dog with the best quality chews, without artificial additives, instead full of flavor and natural values.

Peppy Dog products are our answer to the modern needs of responsible dog nutrition, combined with a deep respect for nature.


LITTY KITTY is a brand specializing in cat litter and hygiene products.
Litty Kitty supports the owner and makes it easier for him to fulfill the duties of caring for the cat while providing comfort and satisfaction to the Pupil.

What is important for the Litty Kitty brand is:
-  owner's convenience - clear packaging graphics make it easy to make a purchasing decision
-  comfort of the cat - the highest quality litter meets the high requirements of the Pupil
-  individual approach to the customer and the cat - a wide range of litter types are available in many scents and capacities


BONTARI is a brand of natural dog and cat treats dedicated to the Modern Trade Channel. The brand's products have been specially selected to satisfy any dog or cat guardian. Among BONTARI products you will find many types of meat: beef, pork, poultry or venison

We can be sure that by choosing BONTARI products we are betting on proven raw material and high quality product. Also worthy of mention is the clear and transparent packaging, adapted to other European markets, including British, German, French, Dutch, Czech, Slovakian or Lithuanian.


YUMMY&FUNNY is a brand that combines taste, fun and happiness for your pet. We offer a large selection of the most popular dog snacks - available in a variety of shapes and flavors.
Yummy&Funny treats are designed to provide your Pet with as much fun and enjoyment as possible. By giving them our snacks, you can be sure that your dog will joyfully run all over the house, trying to catch his favorite treat.

We guarantee that your pet will love Yummy & Funny treats and you will be able to enjoy your dog's joy.