Producing top quality dog and cat treats, we specialise in private label manufacturing. We have many years of experience in private and white label services. We are already trusted by more than 200 customers in Europe and around the world. Providing private label services, we adapt our products to customer’s preferences. Our packaging and labeling solutions are flexible and fully customized. The clients have the possibility to store their own packaging materials in our warehouse. We provide “door-to-door” delivery of ready-made products all over the world.


The Bontari brand was created with the customers of large retail chains in mind. Bontari dried chews are the most popular dog and cat treats selected from the entire range of products of the Polish petfood manufacturer Petmex Company. Bontari chews are available in convenient weights, ideal for market shelves. All products in the range are 100 % natural and free of preservatives and artificial flavours and colours. In addition, they are mono-protein and rich in healthy protein. Their health-promoting value is invaluable. They support the health of teeth and gums and provide mental and physical stimulation, relieving stress and anxiety.


Petmex is a polish brand in the pet food industry, which has become a trusted name amongst pet owners in Poland.

Having been available on the Polish market for several years, Petmex continues to grow in popularity, testament to the quality and care it embeds in every product. The brand caters to the needs of every pet, with a varied selection of chews available from different types of meat. This versatility ensures that pet owners can select the perfect treat to match the dietary requirements and preferences of their furry friends.

What sets Petmex apart is its staunch commitment to natural, wholesome products. The chews we offer are one hundred percent natural, devoid of any preservatives or artificial colorings, highlighting the brand's dedication to animal health and well-being. Monoprotein chew toys dominate their range, catering to pets with specific dietary needs.

The driving idea behind the Petmex brand is "Nature Knows Best". This belief forms the foundation of their brand ethos, and is reflected in their commitment to providing only the most natural, healthy, and safe products for pets. Petmex isn't just a brand; it's a statement of trust, quality, and a love for pets that shines through in every chew toy they produce. Through Petmex, pet owners can rest easy knowing that their pets' health and happiness are in good hands.

Petmex products are widely accessible for pet owners throughout Poland, underlining the brand's commitment to accessibility. They are readily available both in brick-and-mortar stores and online, ensuring that no matter where you are in the country, you can easily purchase these natural chew toys for your pets.


Winner is a brand of high-quality complete and balanced food for dogs. The extensive product range allows you to tailor the right food for all dog breeds at every stage of life. The leading products of the Winner brand are wet and dry dog foods. These have been enriched with special health-promoting formulas to ensure our furry friends develop properly. The Winner brand is also developing a wide range of other dog food products, based on current trends and innovative solutions.