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Promenade Pet Care is a rapidly growing and 100% privately owned holding group. It was formed in January 2023 from the merger of several pet companies. Our core business is pet food production, with Petmex at the forefront. We export as much as 80% of our products, offering private label services. Petmex, initially specializing in the production of natural dog chews, is leveraging its extensive experience to develop a wider range of products.

Our qualified and skilled marketing department successfully creates unique brands dedicated to different groups of pets - dogs, cats, birds and rodents.

In addition to food production, the second pillar of our business is e-commerce. The online pet shop hubun.pl is an excellent example of this. Although hubun has only been on the market for two years, its dynamic growth is something we are proud of. We are currently in the process of working on expanding the hubun shop into other European markets, which is a key element of our long-term strategy.

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To be like a pet IKEA. This vision of Promenade Pet Care reflects our commitment to inspire our business partners as well as individual customers worldwide by developing innovative products and creating creative solutions. We want to contribute to a better world for all those involved in the pet industry by becoming a European leader in this sector. To this goal, we have developed two strategic directions: creativity and meeting needs. We are moving towards business excellence, thereby increasing the potential and value of the company.


Spark creativity, hurdle obstacles, and scale new heights. This guiding principle propels us forward, allowing us to flourish and evolve. Racing against time, we continuously seek innovative and exceptional solutions. Our aspiration? To enhance the world not just for our furry friends but their human companions too. We make our pets happy and healthy, while bringing peace of mind and fulfillment to their caretakers. We make life better, one pet at a time.


Promenade Pet Care embodies the vision of the one man - Krzysztof Napora, the company's founder. Starting as a humble family enterprise, he nurtured it into a thriving and dynamic holding company. Krzysztof's pursuit of his ambitions is bolstered by the company's CEO, Kamil Korwin, a man known for his indomitable spirit when facing challenges. Kamil is deeply committed and diligent, infusing the company with innovative concepts and boundless energy. His unwavering dedication and tireless work ethic serve as the propelling force behind the company's ongoing growth and triumphs. He always follow in the same direction as the founder - towards a better world for pets.