Our journey in the pet industry began in 2014, while we were working in our family butcher shop. It was there that the idea of not wasting the meat processing leftovers was created. We decided to give them a second life! What remained unused in the production of meat products for human, we turned into delicious natural dried treats for dogs. And so, Petmex Company was born.

From the begining, we ensured that our products were as safe as possible, implementing the HACCP system. The first treats we produced were dried pork ears, which remain popular to this day. We sold our products to several local and national distributors, offering private label services. Our production facility and company headquarters were located in Mszana Dolna, a small town at the foot of the Beskid Wyspowy in the south of Poland. Back then, we did not have our own warehouses. We had to rent storage space in various locations.

Demand for our products grew significantly with each passing month. We began exporting our treats to Western Europe. In April 2015, we sent our first treats to a client in Germany. By 2016, we were present as exhibitors at one of the largest pet trade shows in the world, Interzoo in Nuremberg. We established contacts with many clients there, who still remain our regular partners. Our long-term collaboration is the best proof of the high quality of our natural treats.

In 2018, we created our own brand of natural treats for dogs. The Petmex brand quickly appeared in Polish pet stores, gaining a wide group of satisfied furry fans.
One of the important steps in the company's operations was the creation of the online pet store in 2020, which today belongs to Hubun S.A., part of our holding. Its establishment coincided with the pandemic time of covid, during which the e-commerce industry became even more significant. The store is stocked with a full range of pet products and is one of the most popular pet stores in Poland. Its ambassador became the Polish Olympic ski jumping medalist Dawid Kubacki, along with his beloved dog Bernie. The is the main distributor of the Petmex brand in Poland. Business customers could stock up on larger quantities of our treats through the special platform.

A turning point in our operations was 2022 and the move to a new, larger production facility with a warehouse and administrative-office part. The new building is located in Polanka near Krakow. Thanks to the move and increased production capacity, we began expanding into new markets, exporting our products to the North American market, among others. We also took care of even better quality standards, obtaining ISO certification in quality and environmental management.

That same year, we put more emphasis on promoting the Petmex brand, participating in the largest pet industry events in Poland, such as dog exhibitions or pet trade shows. Participating as an exhibitor at the PetExpo B2B Trade Fair in Bydgoszcz - the largest event of its kind in Poland, we strengthened the image of our company as a significant pet food producer in Poland. That same year, we also presented the Petmex brand at another edition of the Interzoo trade show and began promoting our brand in Europe.
All of this reinforced our belief that the pet market not only in Poland but also in the world needs a comprehensive approach to pet care. That's why we decided to use our experience and current trends to create a holding group that would take care of creating a new reality in the pet world from A to Z.

The first action we took as part of the holding group was to collaborate with modern retail channels, for which we created a special brand - Bontari. This brand was adjusted to retail chains in terms of the types of treats and their weight. We are continually developing it, adding new products and creating new lines.

For quite some time, we have also been working on another brand, Winner, which will have wet and dry food and other pet food products in its assortment, based on both proven solutions and innovative formulas.

We also plan to create a brand for a wide range of cat litter products. Its offer would include bentonite, silicate, and wooden litters.

Our group meets the expectations of customers by creating modern and innovative product solutions. All this to better care for our beloved pets. We've always believed in the potential of the pet industry and are proud to continue our growth and innovation in this sector. We're excited about what the future holds and look forward to continuing our journey, providing high-quality products for pets everywhere.